The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Print & Digital Campaign



When I lived in New York, a tour guide at the MET told me that if you stopped to look at every artifact for just one minute, it would take YEARS to see everything.

However, a lot of people living in NYC don’t ever go back to the MET after their first visit. Which led to the idea for this campaign: curate the hidden-in-plain-sight street art and culture all over NYC. Because you'll never see it all, but you'll always see something new.

Digital Extension

An email newsletter acts as a virtual museum tour guide to the city, complete with Google map directions to public and street art around every corner. Scannable displays in front of the works of art give passersby a free wi-fi hotspot and audio guide to learn about the hidden gems they've been walking past every day for years, while also drawing them back into The MET with a curated list of similar exhibits and artworks inside the museum.

AD: Hailey Boerema

CW: Me

Miami Ad School

(Spec work)